About Hup Yun Transport

Hup Yun Transport are a company that specialize in providing moveable and moving services. We offer a wide range of logistical services to meet the complex needs of the most innovative and sophisticated companies. We offer basic moving services such as moving furniture, Furnishing services, and cargo freight services.

Our Vision

Reliable Transport Company

We are the prime mover trucking company in the Malaysia and we thoroughly believe that “the key to success” is to always integrate with our customers to make their transport solutions as seamless as possible.

Our Mission


Quality is a natural outcome of our focus on safety and precision. Our fleet is well- equipped for every job and our drivers very experiences, yet continuously trained. The result is that your consignment arrives on time and in perfect condition.



-上交后 不算完成预约 ,我们的客服人员会与您联系 做多一次 确认的动作
-价钱会在whatsapp/email 联系后 ,给个更准确的价钱
-如需要更改 预约 需要提前1天 通知 ,

注意 事项
-如顾客 有急需要 预约运输服务 可以直接 致电给我们,我们会马上帮你做安排
-上交信息 并不代表预约完成 ,客服人员将会联系您与您做最后一次的确定。
星期日 OFF
(如客服人员联系不上,可以致电去 01128790214/0167324797)

Term & Conditions

– Submission does not constitute a completed reservation. Our customer service personnel will contact you for confirmation.
– The price will be provided through WhatsApp/email for a more accurate quotation.
– If you need to make changes to your reservation, please notify us at least 1 day in advance. A cancellation on the same day will incur a fee of RM30.

Important Notes:
– If you require urgent transportation services, please call us directly, and we will assist you immediately.
– Submitting the information does not guarantee a completed reservation. Our customer service personnel will contact you for a final confirmation.
– Customer service hours are:
Monday to Friday (9AM-5PM)
Saturday (9AM-1PM)
Sunday OFF
(If you are unable to reach our customer service personnel, you can call 01128790214/0167324797)
– No appointments for teasing